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American Guild of Organists

Churh of the Incarnation
Director/Leader: Harold Julander
Phone: 707 694-1896
Home Venue:
550 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, California  95401
Organ recitals in Sonoma County, featuring local organists. In the fall of 2011 there will be 6 p.m. mini recitals at the Church of the Incarnation, lasting to June, 2012
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Organists: Mary Ellen Birkland, Janis Dunson Wlson, Jim Harrod, Harold Julander, Layten Heckman, Eve
Janis Wilson, Organist; Tom Hyde, Baroque Trumpet
Organists Janis Wilson, Carolyn Wiester, Harold Julander, Douglas de Forest, James Harrod, Layten He
Theo St. Francis, Barret Wilbur, Sheila Whitney, John T. Burke, John Boyajy. Ensemble conducted by

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