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Sonoma County Philharmonic

Norman Gamboa
Director/Leader: Norman Gamboa
Phone: (800) 838-3006
Home Venue:
1235 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, California  95401
Founded in 1998, the Sonoma County Philharmonic is a full size symphonic orchestra conceived from and supported by the communities of Sonoma County. Created by a group of musicians dedicated to reinventing the American symphony orchestra on sustainable democratic principles, we have grown from our modest beginnings as the Cotati Philharmonic, to become the premier professional volunteer orchestra in the North Bay Area.

Since that time, we have given sixty-eight concert events for over 35,000 audience members in service of our mission: to make the beauty of music and the power of community alive and available for everyone. This has been accomplished on an all-volunteer basis by the orchestra of 60-75 professional volunteer musicians and scores of dedicated and passionate non-musical volunteers from around Sonoma County and the North Bay area. Unlike other similarly sized and seasoned orchestras throughout the United States, our events are decidedly inclusive of people of every walk of life and provide great programming that people can understand and relate to.

We exist because of our commitment to bring the great music of our cultural heritage to those who either can’t afford to attend regular concerts or who wouldn’t attend because they might feel excluded or uncomfortable in the conventional setting of a symphony concert. In addition to experienced music lovers, we serve thousands of children, seniors, high school and college students, and parents who bring their whole families to enjoy great music together at consistently “sold out” concerts.

Many music professionals and lay members of the audience have favorably compared their concert experiences with us to the Santa Rosa Symphony and the San Francisco Symphony. The orchestra has debuted several new works and has featured soloists from among Sonoma County’s leading performing artists.

In October of 2007 the Orchestra was voted top in the Classical Music Category by the readers of the Bohemian newspaper in the Annual North Bay Classical Music Awards.
 Recent Reviews
by Terry McNeill
Saturday, January 28, 2017
Sonoma County Philharmonic’s long history of featuring soloists from the neighborhood struck gold again Jan. 28 with a ravishing Mozart Clarinet Concerto performance with soloist Roy Zajac.

Before an audience of 300 the Santa Rosa High School hall the A Major Concerto (K. 626) unfolded grac...

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Norman Gamboa, conductor. John Kelley, baritone; Bonnie Brooks, mezzo-soprano; Mark Kratz, tenor; I
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Marilyn Thompson, piano
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Bruce Chrisp, trombone
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Kathleen Lane Reynolds, flute
Reginald Nasciemento, conductor. Dylan McKinstry, mandolin
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Michael d'Arcy, violin
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Sergio Reyes, clarinet.

Norman Gamboa, conductor. Alice Zhu, piano
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Bonnie Brooks, mezzo-soprano
Cyrus Ginwala, conductor. Tom Hyde, trumpet
Jovan Živkovíc, conductor. Stephen Waarts, violin
Norman Gamboa, conductor; Meredith Brown, horn
Norman Gamboa, conductor. Brigitte Armenier, piano. James Warren, organ.
John Kendall Bailey, conductor. Solenn Seguillon, violin
American Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus
Gabriel Sakakeeny, conductor
"I Solisti di Sonoma": Marilyn Thompson, piano; Ross Ipsen, violin; Pam Otsuka, viola; Margaret Moor

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-- Events --

Saturday, April 08, 2017
7:30 PM - Santa Rosa
Alexander Kahn, conductor. Leyla Kabuli, piano
Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18; Mahler: Symphony No. 1 in D Major ("Titan")...
Sunday, April 09, 2017
2:00 PM - Santa Rosa
Alexander Kahn, conductor. Layla Kabuli, piano
Rachmaninoff:Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18; Mahler: Symphony No. 1 in D Major ("Titan")...

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